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Best Vanilla Perfumes That Are Not Boring

Best Vanilla Perfumes That Are Not Boring

Vanilla is one of the most common notes in fragrances and other scented goods. Therefore it might seem boring, overdone or old-fashioned, however it doesn't have to be! Warm and sensual, vanilla can add softness to a fragrance. Here are our top exciting vanilla perfumes for any vanilla-lover!

Vanilla Perfumes Beyond the Ordinary | Scentrique Niche Perfumes

Lait de Vanille by Chabaud is a gift full of sweetness, comfort and recovered innocence which reminds us of the of inner peace and the sense of well-being, which a cup of hot milk, a butter cookie or the taste of vanilla gave us. An eau de toilette - delicious enough to eat - with the lightness of memories and self-confident.

If you like a combination of almond and vanilla, then you would love Kiss Me Intense from Nicolai Parfums. This fragrance comes straight from the childhood memories of Patricia de Nicolai. On the one hand bitter almonds and powdery anise heliotrope reminiscent of the pastel dragées she adored. On the other hand the memories of sunscreen on vacation. This floral bouquet mixes sunny green ylang with orange blossom for an ultra-feminine and addictive lingering spell.

If you are looking for a sexy vanilla fragrance, then Messy Sexy Just Rolled Out of Bed is a must-try! This seductive perfume has notes of bergamot, peach blossom, Turkish rose, toffee, amber, blond woods, vanilla and tonka bean absolute. Sweet, sensual and addictive.

A tasty olfactory dessert where crispy cookie crumbs and meringue, soft in the inside, unite with the cheerful effervescence of citrus accords. A sweet and unusual alchemy of smoky caramel and cream that contributes to the secret of this tempting recipe. A dense and bubbly candor where fleshy vanilla beans diffuse their delicious aroma. Cookiecrunch by Coquillete Paris is a gourmand and soft fragrance just like a freshly baked shortcrust pastry.

Sulmona by Coquillete Paris is another almond vanilla fragrance with vanilla in every note from top to the bottom. Sulmona is a pleasing and sweet perfume; a cloud of sugar and almonds that reminds the scent and taste of dragees, a French bite-sized form of confectionery. Sulmona would also appeal to men who usually wear balmy juices.

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