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Father's Day 2020: Fragrant Gift Ideas for Any Dad

Father's Day 2020: Fragrant Gift Ideas for Any Dad

If COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything it would be the importance of families...and that parenting isn't easy! So let's celebrate all dads out there this Father's Day! When it comes to Father's Day present, a new fragrance is always a good idea. Fragrance is versatile and can reflect one's personal style and identity. It can be also as unique as the person wearing it as it creates a special chemistry when applied to one's skin.

So let's dive into our favourite picks for Father's Day fragrances.


You can't go wrong with Indian Wood from French independent perfume house Pierre Guillaume Paris! It combines accords of lemon mint and Jamaican allspice on a woody floral base of cedar and dried jasmine blossoms. The woody, exotic character of the composition is based on a triptych of oak moss, fir balsam and sandalwood, bound with a drop of coconut milk. Its masculine sweetness and fresh notes of fir and oak moss will seduce any dad.


Coze, another masterpiece from Pierre Guillaume Paris is more complex and multi-layered. Imagine men's club with jazz playing at the background, cloud of cigar smoke and aromas of whiskey. Now put this is a bottle and you will get Coze! It is spicy, boozy, with bitterness from tobacco and freshness from Indian hemp and patchouli. Its heart is vibrant with spices and precious wood: pepper, pimento and coffee fuse and flame to announce the sensuality of ebony, the rich, bewitching sweetness of chocolate and the infusion of Bourbon vanilla pods. Sounds like your man? Then Coze is for him!


Mysterious Oud from another niche perfume brand Chabaud Maison de Parfum will pleasantly surprise an oud lover. It's not as heavy or spicy as some oud fragrances can get, on contrary, there is something fresh, sweet and refined about it. Combination of cedar, Jasmine Agar wood (Oud), sandalwood and musk form the essence of this fragrance. A fragrance as mysterious as the cultures of distant lands, composed from secret recipes and supported by an unspeakable and magical harmony. Liked by both men and women, it will suit your mysterious man.


An untranslatable Japanese noun, Komorebi eloquently describes the light of the sun filtered through tree leaves. Its etymology reveals the sophistication and poetry of the concept distilled into it by the Japanese spirit: the three kanji that express it mean «tree», «escape» and «light». Komorebi owes its striking naturality to its airy, green structure. An armful of crisp mint leaves and a sap-scented breeze open the composition with fresh, bracing top notes. Its heart beats to the rhythm of the delicate yet powerful fragrance of reseda, whose balsamic facets are enhanced by powdery green mimosa. Juicy blackcurrant adds a sensuous, fruity dimension. The base notes are dominated by fine-grained hazel and potent oak, wrapped in tonka bean absolute. This fresh fragrance will suit a zen-minded dad.

Almost Transparent Blue

Almost Transparent Blue from A Lab on Fire, niche perfume brand originated in LA, is an aquatic fragrance that will satisfy not only sailors but anyone who loves marine accords and the smell of fresh salty water. It combines fresh notes of lime and yuzu with spicy thyme flower, marine aldehyde, hinoki, cedar wood and musk. Its transparent veil will create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere of being on the water, sailing on a sunny day or finding solitude on a deserted wild beach. This fragrance is for a free-spirited, adventure-seeking dad.


Entre ciel et mer (“Between sky and sea”) tells a story of etesian winds, azure skies and flying over seascapes at top speed… Icy, soaring and powerful, the first whiff feels as though it had been sculpted out of the Meltem – the north wind that blows over the Aegean Sea, with notes of crumpled, water-splashed leaves and the fruity-aromatic nuances of a lavender, pear and white thyme accord. It's a perfect summer cologne for any type of dad!

Happy early Father's Day! Thank you for being in our lives!

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