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Fragrances for Spring 2021

Fragrances for Spring 2021

They say Spring is the season of renewal and revival, as the gentle wind imbues a profound new outlook onto us. I can’t think of a better transition into Spring than with Coton Egyptien - Phaedon, a soft floral accord surrounded by the fluffiness of cotton flowers, as if you are caressed by the effervescent afternoon breeze.

If we speak about Spring, we are obligated to give applause to mimosa, the yellow ball of fluff that originated from Australia. Love Mimosa - Amouage is a perfume that highlights the sweet powdery facet of mimosa, mixed beautifully with heliotrope and iris for that extra floral power.

Moving up from the soft florals, we can use Hapyang - Pierre Guillaume, a white floral choreography amidst powdery and aldehydic notes, dancing as if no one’s looking.

Vincent van Gogh painted Lilacs, a purple flower that can easily be overlooked in our modern society. Lilac Love - Amouage is a perfume with grit and passion, the notes of gardenia and iris sit atop the foundation of patchouli, sandalwood, and tonka beans, reminiscent of the past.

When we think back to our childhoods, we remember our obsession with candy, with anything that is sweet that can take over our taste buds. Ma Blonde - Ma Blonde is the free-spirited child, the fearless kid on the playground, the notes of raspberry and orange blossom along with the juicy blackcurrant buds form a strong fruity accord. Moreover, the base leathery accord harmonizes perfectly in the background.

My favourite Spring fragrance is Up to the Moon - The House of Oud. Perhaps it’s the happiness we all feel from fruity musks, or the familiarity we get from smelling roses and jasmine, or maybe it reminds me of the first song I heard that made me shed a tear. Up to the Moon is a powerful bewitching perfume that lets us appreciate Spring, a moment when we can look forward to the upcoming year!

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Written by Long (Tony) Ye

MSc. Scent Design & Creation - ISIPCA

BEng. Chemical Engineering - McGill University

instagram: dilutedtears

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