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Interview With the Founders of Scentrique: About Business Vision, Personal Favorites, and Exclusive Information About Upcoming Brands

Interview With the Founders of Scentrique: About Business Vision, Personal Favorites, and Exclusive Information About Upcoming Brands

Irina and Maria are the two owners of the unique niche perfume space Scentrique that was founded in 2019. Today we will lift the veil and talk to them about what brought them into this business, what philosophy they adhere to and what fragrances they love. And also we won't avoid the topic of future plans.

Background and Inspiration

Could you tell us about your backgrounds and what inspired you both to start a niche perfumery store in Vancouver?

Irina: My background is in corporate fundraising working for national health charities. I loved my job but I was lacking creativity and flexibility and craving a European connection. The idea of starting a niche perfumery was born out of lack of variety and availability of alternative perfume brands in Vancouver and Canada in general.

Maria: I studied Financial Management and worked as an Accountant for numerous years. However, I eventually grew bored and decided to transition into a management role. Working as a manager for a local clinic provided me with valuable insights into how small businesses operate. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, I've always harbored a desire to start my own business. When Irina offered me the opportunity to join her on this exciting journey, I didn't hesitate.

What drew you to the world of niche fragrances specifically?

Irina: unusual combinations of scents, surprising compositions and the stories behind each creation and brand.

Maria: I always enjoyed perfume, but I was unaware of niche brands and only used designer fragrances. It wasn't until my close friend opened a niche perfume store in Russia and began introducing me to new scents that I discovered their appeal. Eventually, I found myself favoring the fragrances my friend introduced me to over my designer bottles.

Irina & Maria - Scentrique Niche Perfume Founders

Business Vision and Philosophy

What is the vision and philosophy behind your store?

Irina: The vision was to create a collection of the most exclusive and hard-to-find fragrances and introduce our customers to the art of niche perfumery. We provide an opportunity to experience fragrances in-person and let you get lost in the world of different scents.

How do you curate the selection of fragrances you offer?

Maria: We try to create a well-balanced selection of fragrances in different categories based on notes, profiles and price point. We'd like everyone who visits our store to find something they'd fall in love with and in their price range.

Are there any particular criteria or qualities you look for in a fragrance?

Maria: Our selection process is quite subjective and we usually try all the new lines and fragrances that come in and only after that we decide whether to carry it or not. We also listen to our customer requests and follow trends on social media and perfume circles. It's a combination of different things and considerations.

Scentrique Niche Perfume Store in Vancouver

Personal Favorites

What are some of your personal favorite fragrances from your store?

Irina: 4.1 Le Musc & La Peau is one of the first loves for me and it is still one of my favorites. I love Rouge Smoking by BDK and Dear Polly by Vilhelm Parfumerie for winter, for summer She Was An Anomaly and Wūlóng Chá by Nishane have been my go-tos.

Maria: My few top summer picks are Fig-Tea by Nicolai Parfums, Antigua by Phaedon Paris, Musk Therapy by Initio, and You or Someone like You by Etat. Most of them capture great memories, perhaps that’s why they are so dear to me. My top picks for the cooler weather are Cruz del Sur II by Xerjoff, Nerotic by Laboratorio Olfattivo, Lait Concentre by Chabaud, and Gris Charnel by BDK Parfums. And my most recent addition that I absolutely fell in love with is Hibiscus Mahajad Extrait by Maison Crivelli.

Maria - Scentrique Niche Perfumes Founder

Future Plans

What are your plans for the future of your store?

Maria: Our plans for the future of the store involve expansion, offering an even wider selection of great niche perfume brands. However, our priority is to maintain our unique atmosphere and exceptional customer service that sets us apart.

Are there any upcoming events or new brands in store that you’re particularly excited about?

Irina: Honestly, there are much more brands we’d like to bring than we can afford to! Montale & Mancera are definitely on our list, so are Memo, Roja, Liquide Imaginaraires, Ormond Jayne.

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