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Indult Paris

Indult Paris | Scentrique Niche Perfumes & Home Fragrances

Indult Paris's story is inspiring from two unique perspectives. Firstly, in 2006, Mr. Francis Kurkdjian, a world-renowned master perfumer, launched his first niche perfume venture, creating four stunning scents that remain part of Indult's range today. Francis continues to praise these olfactory creations, now having established his own brand with numerous fragrances bearing his name.

Secondly, Indult took a significant step into the niche perfume market with its acquisition by Mr. Kim Charles, a fragrance enthusiast frequenting sites like Fragrantica and Basenotes. For Kim Charles, Indult represents a dream fulfilled and a deeper venture into fine fragrances as a brand owner. We proudly feature this niche fragrance house at Scentrique Niche Perfumes & Home Fragrances.

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