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Fragrant Gift Ideas for Mother's Day 2020

Fragrant Gift Ideas for Mother's Day 2020

Mother's Day is coming up and although this year it will look a lot different than any other year due to COVID-19, we can still make it special for women in our lives. Scents are known for their therapeutic properties, ability to boost mood and bring most precious memories back. A fragrance is always a good choice when it comes to Mother's Day gifts. Here are some of our top recommendations for gift ideas for Mother's Day 2020.

The province of Isparta in Turkey is famed for its rose oil, obtained from a variety called ‘Isparta Summer Roses’, which grows profusely in gardens and terraced fields on the soft mountain slopes. The roses are picked early in the morning when they are half-open and their fragrance is the strongest… intense, rich, slightly spicy. Behind wisps of burning resins, Isparta by Pierre Guillaume Paris hides a woody rose embraced by a velvety animalic accord of red fruit, benzoin, calamus and ambroxan.

Caprice de Sophie by Chabaud Maison de Parfum expresses charm, euphoria and fantasy. A sparkling fragrance that combines a touch of mischief, sweetness, softness and sensuality. It has notes of mandarin, jasmine, apple, musk, sandalwood and creamy vanilla.

“Lait Concentré“ or "Condensed Milk" is another masterpiece of Chabaud Maison de Parfum. It evokes a childhood memory that is connected to the popular and delicious condensed milk. It is fairy-like, like a transparent veil, which merges smoothly with the skin, like a fleeting memory that you can just hold on to with your fingertips - a delicious and ethereal eau de toilette. It's a perfect gift for any woman, not only on Monther's Day!

“Vintage“ is a fragrance that captures the magic of the good old days with their classic floral fragrances, reminiscent of sweet childhood days, though it still remains anchored in the here and now. A nostalgic yet modern fragrance with an exciting and gentle oriental accent. Notes include carnation, tangerine, ylang-ylang, jasmine and tuberose, caramel, honey and almond.

“Chic et Bohème“ by Chabaud brings together the beguiling and alluring power of the flowers and releases them full of optimism, charm and personality again. An eau de parfum which carries both a playful lightness as well as a wonderful spirit in itself. It's a combinations of fresh tangerine, neroli and ylang-ylang with jasmine, plum Patchouli, ambergris and vanilla. A chic floral perfume for sophisticated and elegant woman.

Whatever gift you choose this Mother's Day, it's attention and thought that really matters. Sometimes a gift is worth thousand words, sometimes a few kind words are the real gift..

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