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Must-have Fragrances This Fall

Must-have Fragrances This Fall

"For every look there is a season, and for every season a strategy".

As the leaves change and the temperature drops, your choice of scent can set the tone for this enchanting season. This collection of fall must-have fragrances is tailor-made for curating a distinctive fragrance wardrobe that caters to the full spectrum of this season's vibes – from embracing the snug and cozy, to exuding elegance and empowerment. Whether you're looking to make a statement or simply enhance your personal style, these best fall fragrances are sure to add a touch of seasonal magic to your everyday life. Let's embark on a scented journey through the olfactive autumnal wonderland.

Silky Woods by Goldfield & Banks

Elegant, luxurious, timeless...a fragrance for a true gentleman or a true lady. Silky Woods is sitting on a very warm a comfy base of saffron, soft suede, cinnamon, tabaco and vanilla. However, there is something cooling about this fragrance that gives it sophisticated and silky touch.


Rehab by INITIO Parfums

Complex, calming and aromatic...and therapeutic! Rehab will take you on a journey that will end in tranquility and confusion at the same time. Tobacco leaves, lavender, patchouli, guaiac wood and INITIO's signature musk come together in a new invigorating way.

More Than Words by Xerjoff

A powerful beast! Strong opening with a beautiful glossy candy-like heart of dried cherry and amber. A potent mood-booster for rainy days!

Alambar by Laboratorio Olfattivo

Innocent happiness and safety! Alambar is an amber fragrance with amber throughout the olfactive pyramid. With addition of spicy cinnamon and cacao it brings a cozy and warm feeling to anyone wearing it.

Poets of Berlin by Vilhelm Parfumery

Powdery woody vanilla with a twist! A smell of oversteeped black tea, bitter and sweet, with dried berries mixed in it. Bright, tasty, cozy fragrance perfect for a chilly and sunny day.

Lait et Chocolat by Chabaud

A boost of serotonin! A super realistic chocolate fragrance. Lactonic, soft and delicious.

As we wrap up our exploration of the wonderful world of fall fragrances, it's clear that a change in scent can bring about a profound change in mood and perspective. Now, why wait any longer to experience the magic of autumn for yourself? Embrace the season and indulge in the scents of fall with Kate's Fall Favourites sample pack, carefully curated to capture the essence of this beautiful time of year.

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