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What We Do In Paris Is Secret: An Olfactory Experience You Wouldn't Want To Forget

What We Do In Paris Is Secret: An Olfactory Experience You Wouldn't Want To Forget
What We Do In Paris Is Secret is a fragrance from an American company called A Lab of Fire. Created in 2012 by master perfumer Dominique Ropion, it is the second release from the line.

First of all, I would like to say that this perfume does not evoke the kinky side of Paris nor the places you might have attended and do not want to tell your parents or children. I believe Paris portrayed here is not to be kept secret. It is the Paris experience you would want to tell everyone about to make them jealous – a luxurious, relaxing and expensive French capital.

That is, What We Do In Paris Is Secret, or simply WWDPIS, conjures images of sumptuous Spa Hotels of which everything is pristine clean and white – towels, bed sheets, walls, decoration, furniture – in the most tasteful way.

When I wear WWDPIS, I imagine myself in an upscale spa hotel. First, taking a bath with dimmed lights with the bathtub filled with moisturizing buttermilk, shea butter, rose scented oil and white rose petals. After wrapping a plushy towel around myself, that smells like the most luxurious fabric softener, I put on a velour jacquard cotton bath robe and treat myself to a relaxing massage with silky body lotion - by the candlelight, of course.

After this pleasurable experience, I go back to my hotel room and jump on my bed of Egyptian cotton sheets for my sweet dreams. This experience could be in any place of the word, except here, I am indulged with cups of hot tea and French almond macarons throughout the entire experience.

In summary, What we do in Paris is Secret smells like an expensive body lotion and soap, luxurious laundry softener and almond vanilla. It is powdery, creamy, sweet and clean. This perfume promotes a sensorial experience that makes me think of white and plushy, fuzzy, cottony and soft textures during the wearing.

It is a more intimate scent, however, longevity is great. Notes are: white honey, litchi, bergamot, heliotrope, vanille and Rose, tonka Bean, tolu Balsam, amber and sandalwood.

Although some notes suggest a gourmand scent, such as honey, litchi and vanilla, I would rather classify it as an ambery, powdery and musky (the clean type) scent. It is sweet, but not overly sweet.

I like to wear this perfume when I go to bed. It makes me feel good and relaxed sleeping over freshly laundry bed sheets.

Give What we do in Paris in secret a try if you miss discontinued or hard to find perfumes such as, Kenzo Amour and Joop Le Bain. It is not a dupe, but the experience is very similar.

Written by Luciana Savaris

Image Sources: Pinterest

About Luciana Savaris

A designer with a curious nose! I was always obsessed about all things scented and my compulsive sniffing led me to become a perfume enthusiast. Perfume has been my hobby since a young age. I don’t have any professional training in perfumery, therefore, my insights on scents are from my perspective as a consumer, the way it makes me feel and the visuals it brings to my mind and less about notes and technicalities.

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