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Ambre Cashmere by Parfums de Nicolai – Lemon Cupcake and Wool Shawl

Ambre Cashmere by Parfums de Nicolai – Lemon Cupcake and Wool Shawl

Ambre Cashmere is a perfume with the name that suits perfectly the feeling it conveys. It is definitely an amber scent and it has a soft, cozy texture reminiscent of cashmere blanket. Nevertheless, there is a lot more to unfold from this fragrance.

I find this perfume so perfect for this time of the year. Yes, it is spring and as much as we crave for light florals and fresh scents, the breeze is still cold and a heavier, warmer fragrances are still welcome, and Ambre Cashmere fall in between. The days are longer, the sunny days more constant. We spend more time outdoors, the patio season starts as we all longed for more social interactions. When I wear Ambre Cashmere, I image myself being at a café with a patio, on a sunny day with friends. I am wearing a floral dress and a large shawl, and of course, eating a delicious, lemon cupcake with vanilla frosting. Virtually, the weather looks warm and shiny, but the cold breeze from the Pacific North West is there to reminds us where we are geographically. We can never be without a warm shawl here and it smells like Ambre Cashmere.

Ambre Cashmere opens with citrus notes, evocative of lemon and orange zest used in bakery and patisserie, mixed with spices. The most prominent spice here is the black pepper, that will be present throughout perfume's lifespan, preventing the composition from being too sweet and immature. The citrus notes are not fresh, but somehow sweet, since it is joined by amber and vanilla from early stages.

The interesting characteristic of Amber Cashmere is that while part of the composition is fun, young and edible, it has something classic about it at the same time. Somehow, it is reminiscent of a classic Guerlain. The vanilla, iris and amber used here exudes a “Guerlinade” aura. It has just a touch of old-school, powdery feeling to it. It feels like a gourmand flanker of Shalimar, of which the animalic parts are removed and a buttery, zest, sugary and creamy accord joins in. A perfect combination of lemon cupcake, spices, make-up and hair spray - in the best way possible.

Ambre Cashmere has enormous projection and longevity. The value for the money is excellent, as all perfumes from this brand are priced reasonably. A bottle of 30 ml lasts a long time since two, three sprays are enough to create a remarkable scent trail. Considering the fair price and the perfume likeable factor - unique but not challenging - it makes a great gift too.

Notes for Ambre Cashmere:

Top: Black Pepper Essence, Essence of Mandarin, Lemon Essence

Hearth: Orris butter, Violette, Clove Nail Essense

Base: Absolute Vanilla, Labdanum absolute, Resinooid Benzoin, Tonka bean absolute, Essence of Patchouli, Sandalwood, Musk, Amber

Give Ambre Cashmere a try if you like gourmand, cozy and creamy scents with a classic twist.

Written by Luciana Savaris

Image Sources: Pinterest

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