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What Scent to Wear on Valentine’s Day?

What Scent to Wear on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching!

As we inch closer to Spring, the days are getting longer, the Sun is shining brighter, the temperature outside is rising higher, but something is keeping us in bed longer.

I present to you the finale scent of winter —heliotrope— a dimly sweet flower reminiscent of sugared bitter almonds and red bean paste. What a better way to pay homage to the change of season by wearing Kiss Me - Nicolaï or Messy Sexy Just Rolled Out of Bed - A Lab on Fire, both including the notes of heliotrope, paired wonderfully with a vanilla base note. I take no responsibility if I cause too many of you to stay in bed longer than usual.

For those of you that don’t want winter to end, you can extend your stay in wonderland by picking up Note D’Amore - Como Lake, a perfume with a dark chocolate and oud tonality, brightened with orange and plum, perfect for cuddling by the fireplace.

Now, if you can’t wait to switch immediately to Spring mode, why not treat yourself early to Tanagra - Maison Violet, a perfume filled with rose and caressed by iris, bonding your skin to your movements as the cashmere spirals around your soul.

Sick and tired of the heavy winter scents that seem to weigh you down? I can recommend Caprice de Sophie - Chabaud, a floral fruity change with red apples and fresh lemon, pulled in by the jasmine heart note to retain the liveliness as the animals in the forest come out of hibernation.

Written by Long (Tony) Ye

MSc. Scent Design & Creation - ISIPCA

BEng. Chemical Engineering - McGill University

instagram: dilutedtears

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