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Our Mother's Day Gift Guide

Our Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide to Perfumes | Scentrique Niche Fragrances


Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we wanted to share our list of perfume gift ideas for mothers in your life.

For Florals Lovers

Floral perfumes are a popular choice for Mother’s Day as they are often associated with spring, garden parties and scents our mothers used to wear…Here are a few floral fragrances worth noticing from our lines.


Symbol of the end of the Hundred Years War, the Tudor Rose represents peace after a long and difficult struggle. A fragrance that frees from fleeting artifices and reveals pure beauty. Petals carried away by the autumn wind, a jumble of bushes, wood, roots, and soil. A metaphor that is nothing else but a celebration of life in its simple and essential form. Deep, enigmatic and penetrating notes that end on a sweet and amber accord.

Head notes: rosewood, geranium, lily of the valley.

Heart notes: amber wood, benzoin, soil.

Base notes: rosewood, benzoin, labdanum, ambergris, vanilla from Madagascar.


Moramanga is an opulent perfume that expresses colors and scents of the flowers of Madagascar. The juice leaves exotic traces, while alluding to the enchanting warmth of a generous nature.

Head notes: jasmine, gardenia, iris.

Heart notes: tolu, benzoin, opoponax.

Base notes: Madagascar tuberose, ylang ylang, vanilla, musk.


A stroll in the calm of the Palais-Royal, with a French garden framed by perfect classical architecture. Patricia de Nicolaï easily captured the fragrance of its roses since her laboratory is only steps away. Real rose without any frills or fuss, fresh and vegetal thanks to its magnificent natural essences. With just a few strands of coriander as well as base notes of immortelle to give it punch without any distortion.

Top notes: Blackcurrant buds, Passion fruit, Bergamot.

Middle notes: Rose, Coriander, Ambrette seeds.

Base notes: Immortelle, Sandalwood, Guaiac wood, Musk.


Like putting your nose into a bouquet of freshly cut roses and peonies surrounded by a few green leaves. Bulgarian rose, Bourbon pelargonium and fruity inflections of ambrette seeds give it added lift.

Top notes: Ambrette seeds, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Bergamot.

Middle notes: Rose, Pelargonium, Violet, Peony, Iris, Black Pepper.

Base notes: Sandalwood, Incense, Musk.

For sweet and gourmand scent lovers

Comforting and feminine, gourmand fragrances tend to smell almost edible, usually featuring notes such as vanilla, caramel, honey, almonds etc. They remind you of childhood often associated with your mother or grandmother’s baking…


A tasty olfactory dessert where crispy cookie crumbs and meringue, soft in the inside, unite with the cheerful effervescence of citrus accords. A sweet and unusual alchemy of smoky caramel and cream that contributes to the secret of this tempting recipe. A dense and bubbly candor where fleshy vanilla beans diffuse their delicious aroma. Cookiecrunch is a gourmand and soft fragrance just like a freshly baked shortcrust pastry.

Notes: Accord of cookie, meringue, vanilla, cream and icing sugar.


Sulmona is a pleasing and sweet perfume; a cloud of sugar and almonds that reminds the scent and taste of dragees. A tribute to all married women and to the most beautiful day of their lives. But not only. Sulmona also appeals to men who usually wear balmy juices.

Head notes: madagascar vanilla, brown sugar, almond.

Heart notes: vanilla, bitter almond.

Base notes: vanilla, orange blossom.


This fragrance comes straight from the childhood memories of Patricia de Nicolaï. On the one hand bitter almonds and powdery anise heliotrope reminiscent of the pastel ‘dragées’ she adored. On the other hand the memories of sun cream on vacation. This floral bouquet mixes sunny green ylang with orange blossom for an ultra-feminine and addictive lingering spell.

Top notes: Bitter Almond, Lemon, Anise.

Middle notes: Heliotrope, Jasmine, Ylang, Orange flower, Clove, Cinnamon.

Base notes: Vanilla, Opoponax, Musk.


This original interpretation of the fig chord avoids cliché by infusing the fruit of a delicately fruity tea. An airy refined fragrance sublimated by subtle jasmine.

Top notes: Osmanthus, Orange.

Middle notes: Jasmine, Davana, Coriander.

Base notes: Mate, Guaiac wood, Amber.

For niche perfume lovers…

If you are looking for something more edgy and less conventional, we have it covered.


Inspired by a poetry contest for young Afghan women, the perfume is a magnificent interpretation of the Afghan hashish, the black gold of that troubled country still torn between war and poetry. An enticing composition where tobacco, jasmine and incense blend in perfect harmony.

Head notes: tobacco, jasmine, ylang ylang.

Heart notes: wood, amber, afghan hashish, myrrh, cyst of morocco, incense.

Base notes: oakmoss, ambergris, vetiver and tobacco.


Part of the ‘French-Oriental’ group, this new genre weds the signature chords of two perfumes: mythic amber associating labdanum and vanilla, enriched by resin and hot spices to answer the voluptuous audacity of the oud note. Top notes of aromatic lavender, artemisia and thyme contrast with this warm and sensual long-lasting, lingering spell.

Top notes: Lavender, Thyme, Artemisia, Davana.

Middle notes: Oud, Atlas Cedar, Patchouli, Cinnamon, Saffron.

Base notes: Labdanum, Vanilla, Tonka bean, Styrax, Musk, Castoreum, Amber.


Between beauty and destruction, sacred fire and shiver of fear, VESEVIUS speaks of contradictions. It opposes idolatry to hazard, feeling of joy to pure identity, rivalry to friendship. Symbol of passion, mystery and temptation, this fragrance is a metaphor of life. Its accords lead us on a path, bathed with the colors of the moon, between the silver-gray of the volcano’s lava and the flaming yellow of its brooms. Its heart reveals aromas of wood as well as a deep scent of wild orchids, myrtle and aromatic plants mixed with galbanum and musk. VESEVIUS is an explosion of colors and life, exalted by the sea breeze of the Gulf of Naples which exudes its notes and speaks of journeys and wonders.

Head notes: bergamot, grapefruit, lemon from procida, broom, blackberry, saffron, rose from damascus, verbena, galbanum

Heart notes: oud, incense, vetiver, patchouli, sage, broom from the vesuvius, rosemary, lavender, myrtle, orchids from the vesuvius.

Base notes: amber, pine needles, oak wood, oud, patchouli

Still unsure? A discovery set would be a safe bet!

Happy Mother’s Day shopping!

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