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Best Fragrances for Father's Day

Best Fragrances for Father's Day

It’s time to think about all those wonderful dads in your life! This Father’s Day don’t buy just any fragrance, treat your dad to a new unique scent that will speak to his personality! Here are our top fragrances for any kind of dad!

For a Classy Kind of Dad

New York Intense

Patricia de Nicolai conveys her fascination with the city that never sleeps through her intoxicating signature oriental: after a start of citrus bursts, pepper and clove spice up the patchouli bordered with vanilla, incense and balm.


Top: Petit-grain citronnier, Bergamot, Lemon, Thyme, Artemisia.

Middle: Black Pepper, Clove, Cinnamon, Lavender, Chamomile.

Base: Oakmoss, Vanilla, Styrax, Incense, Musk, Civet, Castoreum.

For a “Cigar-Smoking” Kind of Dad

Cuir Cuba Intense

This interpretation of the scent of the dry tobacco leaf evokes the heart of a cigar box. Before leaving its warm and intense trace, it surprises us with a fresh licorice start and the delicacy of magnolia petals.


Top: Anise, Licorice, Sicilian Lemon, Spearmint.

Middle: Sage, Lavender, Pelargonium, Ylang, Magnolia, Coriander.

Base: Tobacco, Hay, Patchouli, Cedar, Musk, Civet.

For a “Fireplace Conversation with a Drink” Kind of Dad

Navy Rum

A dry and uncompromising scent, exhaling citrus notes and whiffs of Rum, retro Lavender and woody Vetiver. A bouquet of delicate flowers that blend with masculine accords of Leather, juicy Citrus and warm Musk. Navy Rum portrays a modern dandy who smells of old-time gallantry. A fragrance of disarming and exclusive freshness.


Head: bergamot, orange, lemon, neroli, rum.

Heart: mimosa, lily of the valley, cyclamen, jasmine, white flowers, lavender, musk.

Base: musk, oak moss, leather, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver.

For an “Outdoor Adventure Seeker” Kind of Dad


Supergreen is an allegory to Van Gogh’s painting the “Green Wheat Field”, which sets the scene for a Saffron-colored sunset, while conveying the scent of freshly cut grass and of yellowing hay. The fragrance opens on a hint of Mint and spices, strengthened by a drop of Lemon. Then, the Rose delightfully embraces a bitter and irreverent Geranium, while the gourmand heart of Berries stands out in a finale of Incense and aromatic woods.


Head: geranium, lemon, cloves, mint, rose damascena.

Heart: amber, sandalwood, berries, peony, saffron, incense.

Base: musk, vetiver, cedarwood, white musk.

For a “Lover of the Best Things in Life” Kind of Dad


Between beauty and destruction, sacred fire and shiver of fear, VESEVIUS speaks of contradictions. It opposes idolatry to hazard, feeling of joy to pure identity, rivalry to friendship. Symbol of passion, mystery and temptation, this fragrance is a metaphor of life. Its accords lead us on a path, bathed with the colors of the moon, between the silver-gray of the volcano’s lava and the flaming yellow of its brooms. Its heart reveals aromas of wood as well as a deep scent of wild orchids, myrtle and aromatic plants mixed with galbanum and musk. VESEVIUS is an explosion of colors and life, exalted by the sea breeze of the Gulf of Naples which exudes its notes and speaks of journeys and wonders.


Head: bergamot, grapefruit, lemon from procida, broom, blackberry, saffron, rose from Damascus, verbena, galbanum

Heart: oud, incense, vetiver, patchouli, sage, broom from the Vesuvius, rosemary, lavender, myrtle, orchids from the Vesuvius.

Base: amber, pine needles, oak wood, oud, patchouli.

For ANY Kind of Dad

Patchouli Intense

A unique scent that will leave an impression on any kind of dad! The patchouli is surrounded by an oriental background trimmed with incense and spices. But it avoids lapsing into ordinariness, with its combination of lavender and pelargonium contrasting with the dark wood.


Top: Lavender, Supreme Orange.

Middle: Pelargonium, Rose, Cinnamon, Bay St-Thomas.

Base: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Citrus, Incense, Amber, Musk.

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