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Scentrique, a niche perfume boutique based in Vancouver offers perfume sampling experience at the comfort of your own home.


Vancouver, BC – June 13, 2020: Buying a fragrance is an intimate and personal experience which we have been deprived of during the COVID-19 pandemic. Scentrique, an online niche perfume store from Vancouver is solving this problem by providing its customers an opportunity to sample fragrances without leaving their homes.

“As we are all finding ourselves living in a new reality of social distancing, it's important to keep our morale up and as well as reinforce a positive attitude,” – says Irina Novak-Calki, co-founder of Scentrique. “Our sense of smell is closely connected with our brain and our memories. Smelling something comforting and familiar can boost your mood and bring a sense of normal into your daily life.”

Scentrique’s sampling program offers a variety of sample sets from premade themed ones to custom ones. If you don’t know where to start, you can always pick one of the fun themed packs, such as Floral Bomb, Sweet Dream or Man Cave to discover what you’ll like. In addition to the convenience of testing perfumes on your own skin at the comfort of your home, customers also get a cash back towards a full bottle purchase with every sample set order. So, you can practically sample perfumes for free!

Business has been booming for Scentrique’s online store since the pandemic started with more and more people looking to sample new fragrances through its program.

“We’ve been really busy for the past few months,” says Maria Frolova, co-founder of Scentrique. “It’s great to see people interested in trying something new and supporting local businesses”.

Niche perfume is a relatively new concept for the Canadians.

A niche perfume is the opposite of a mass-produced designer or celebrity fragrance. It’s a form of art, inspired by emotions, memories or culture. Often hand-crafted and made with rare, quality and hard to find ingredients and therefore exclusive. Niche fragrances are produced on a much smaller scale, often by the perfumer themselves in a private lab. 

“At Scentrique, our mission is to introduce Canadians to niche fragrances from all over the world and educate our customers and the public about different niche perfume houses, ingredients used in perfumes, production process, and other things related to perfumery.” – says Novak-Calki.

With a brick and mortar store opening in the fall, Scentrique is excited to be innovating the way we shop for perfumes and offer an alternative to the perfume mass-market.


Scentrique is an online niche perfume boutique based in Vancouver, BC. Founded in 2019, Scentrique offers its customers a curated selection of unique and artisan fragrances from all over the world. For more information about Scentrique and its products, please visit or join Scentrique’s Instagram community at


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