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Fragrant Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Fragrant Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Let your holidays be fragrant this season with Scentrique's Holiday Gift Guide! From discovery sets to curated gift boxes, we'd got you covered!

Discovery sets are a great, inexpensive and safe gift idea especially when you are not sure of the recipient's tastes. At Scentrique we have a big collection of discovery sets, included branded ones and themed curated packs. Browse all of them here.

Scented candles are another budget-friendly choice for a holiday gift. We offer a wide variety of high quality scented candles produced by perfume houses specializing in creating unique fragrances. Depending on the scent, it can be a romantic gesture or a gift suited for a family member, friend or co-worker.

Romantic choice - The Rouge Candle by Phaedon Paris: a combination of pomegranate, black tea, patchouli, woods and tobacco will create an intimate atmosphere and will set the mood for the evening.

Friendly choice - Musc Blanc by Nicolai Parfums: a perfect combination of musk, carnation, iris and white pelargonium. This flower bouquet is firmed up by sandalwood from Mysore.

Choose to escape to an exotic Mexican beach with Cancun by Pierre Guillaume Paris or to fairytale-like Amsterdam, the city of canals and boats that smells like tobacco and leather.

Reed diffuser is a great home gift for the whole family! It brightens up the room and sets the mood for the house. Choose to escape to an far away destination or create a cozy home atmosphere.

Cozy choice - Thé Narghilé: imagine a warm atmosphere in a winter afternoon. You are in a cosy woody library surrounded by english leather furniture in front of a fireplace with a cup of tea and a good book. A smoky wood fragrance associated with Guaiac wood and mate absolute on a bed of oakmoss slighly spiced with clove essence...Want to create festive atmosphere of a winter forest? Then go for La Route Du Cèdre. Combined with Siberian pine and exotic geranium, La route du cèdre is a powerful scent sensation which will make your blood run hot and cold.

Scented body care is a safe choice for a family member, colleague or a new romantic partner. Scented soaps would make a great stocking stuffer and a set of body wash and scented lotion would make a safe but elevated romantic gift. Romantic choice - Liqueur Charnelle Body Wash & Lotion from Pierre Guillaume Paris: spices, cognac Accord, blond tobacco, powdery wood. Friend choice: Laboratorio Olfattivo MyLo (for her) and Cozumel (for him). Also choose from our bundles such as Stories Parfums Body Line Gift Box.

Stocking stuffers: pick from a variety of travel size fragrances from Goldfield & Banks, BDK Parfums, Violet Parfums, Piper & Perro, and others.

Perfume or cologne has always been a popular and intimate present choice. This year stay away from designer and mass produced fragrances and try something more unique and personal - a niche perfume! Niche perfumes are create in small quantities by independent perfume house, often family-owned. They are more artistic, unique and created with high quality raw materials.

Fragrances for her: Vilhelm Parfumery Dear Polly, Etat Libre d’Orange Yes I Do, Laboratorio Olfattivo Tuberosis, Nasomatto Narcotic V, Goldfield & Banks Sunset Hour, BDK Parfums Rouge Smoking, Chabaud Caprice de Marie.

Fragrances for him: Xerjoff 1861 Naxos, PGP Animal Mondain, Vilhelm Parfumerie Morning Chess and To My Father, Laboratorio Olfattivo Vetyverso, Etat Libre d’Orange Exit The King, Nasomatto Black Afgano, Dusita Montri.

And the last but not least - our GIFT CARDS, an easy solution for any budget!

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