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2023 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

2023 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Spray some love this Valentine's Day with our top fragrance choices for different budgets.

You don't have to be in a relationship to spray the love. Show some selflove by treating yourself to a new perfume.

You also don't have to have a big budget to gift a perfume. Fragrant gifts can start as low as $35 CAD for branded sample sets or a travel versions of your fragrance of choice.

$35 - $100 CAD

One of the best gifts when it comes to selecting a fragrance is a sample set. It offers an opportunity to have fun trying on different fragrances and finding your perfect match! Choose from a variety of branded discovery sets based on your likes and budget.

Another great budget-friendly option is travel size versions of your favourite fragrances. Our top choices for her are: BDK Parfums Rouge Smoking or Bouquet De Hongrie, G&B Sunset Hour or Silky Woods, Piper & Perro Veil or Bud, Violet Tanagra or Sketch, THoO Up To The Moon or Sapphire Blue.

Top choices for him: BDK Villa Neroli, G&B Wood Infusion or Pacific Rock Moss, Piper & Perro Arid, Violet Nuée Bleue, THoO Oud Cypress or Sacred Groove.

$100 - $200 CAD

You can find many options in this price range including 30 ml & 50 ml bottles. Some of our favourite picks for her are: Chabaud Caprice de Julie or Lait Concentre, ELDO Yes I Do or She Was An Anomaly, LO Tuberosis or Baliflora, Bastille Pleine Lune or Bataille, PG 30 Alphaora, Xerjoff Casamorati Gran Ballo or Lira, Vilhelm Parfumerie Dear Polly or Poets of Berlin.

Budget-friendly options for him: Chabaud Mysterious Oud or Eau Ambree, ELDO Hermann or Tom of Findland, LO Cozumel or Vetyverso, PG Coze Verde or Mojito Chypre, Xerjoff Casamorati Mefisto or Regio, Phaedon Black Vetiver or Poivre Colonial, Vilhelm Parfumerie To My Father or Morning Chess.

Over $200 CAD

If you you want to splurge, luxury brands like Xerjoff, Widian, Thameen or Amouage are great choices. Our top selection for her: Xerjoff Erba Pura or La Capitale, Widian Liwa or Delma, Thameen Peregrina or Blue Heart, Amouage Reflection Woman or Sunshine Woman.

Top luxury choices for him: Xerjoff Naxos or Don, Widian London or New York, Thameen Carved Oud or Regent Leather, Amouage Epic Man or Meander.

Still don't know what to pick? Don't forget about gift cards, a worry-free solution! Whatever you choose, it's the thought that really matters. So go on and make your Valentine's Day a fragrant one.

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