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Best Chocolate & Coffee Fragrances

Best Chocolate & Coffee Fragrances

Chocolate and coffee go great together! That's also true for the fragrances. Let's explore our best chocolate and coffee fragrances for men and women.

Aqaysos by Pierre Guillaume

Between fluidity, transparency and censorial impact, Aqaysos is an explosion of rising and fruity notes, on the rhythmic pulsations of a woody vibration. Dark and rich chocolate is combined with a hint of sweetness from the berries and deepness of the wood.

Aqaysos by Pierre Guillaume | Scentrique Niche Perfume Shop

Djhenne by Pierre Guillaume

Surrendering to the sun. Lush oasis, Djhenné is a warm shadow. A leather sheath with gold wheat and myrrh, protecting from the burning sun’s shroud, the delicate spearmint leaves and the heady whiteness of seringa blossom…Exploring the olfactory theme of the Oasis, Pierre Guillaume gives us an aromatic, woody orchestration of leather and warm sand, wavering between the floral freshness of an accord of grey lavender, spearmint and seringa and the warmth of a "blond leather" note made up of Blue Cedar, essence of Myrrh, Cocoa Beans and Wheat Absolute.

Mirabilis by Coquillete Paris

Mirabilis combines both chocolate and coffee making it the most delicious combo! A sunny mix of fruits blended with flavors of roasted coffee, white flowers and musk, all generously coated with unsweetened cocoa. A topping of melted dark chocolate covers the petals of a shy Rose, while being the shiny and secretive shell of succulent ripe fruits bites. Sensual Patchouli and precious Ambergris complete those elegant and inviting olfactory harmonies with a musky and profound sweetness. Mirabilis is a fragrance unusually fresh with original gourmand facets.

Mirabilis by Coquillete Paris | Scentrique Niche Perfume Shop

Lait Et Chocolat by Chabaud

A delicious fragrance that evokes emotions made of love and sensuality. Elegant, warm and comforting, Lait et Chocolat combines notes of Jasmine, Chocolate, Cedar, Teakwood Vanilla, Mus and Milk Chocolate making it a simple but refined pleasure.

Lait Et Chocolat by Chabaud | Scentriqu Niche Perfume Shop

Note d’Amore by Como Lake

Note d'Amore or LOVE THEME is the pure spirit of love, spreading through our limbs as we stare straight into the horizon. Almost like a movie, silently awakening joyful feelings and memories of love. Note d'Amore is a fresh take on chocolate! With its citrusy and floral opening, chocolate is complemented by

Jasmine, Honeysuckle and Tobacco with a splash of Vanilla and Oud Accord.

Note d’Amore by Como Lake | Scentrique Niche Perfume Shop

Xerjoff Coffee Break Golden Dallah by Xerjoff

COFFEE BREAK is a perfume collection taking its inspiration from the intriguing, century-long history of the international coffee trade. Golden Dallah combines the best of two world - chocolate and coffee with a splash of spice! This vibrant gourmand fragrance has notes of Fresh Exotics Spices, Coffee Absolute, Rose Absolute, Incense, Cambodian Oud, Amber, Hazelnut, Cocoa and Tonka Hyperessence.

Xerjoff Coffee Break Golden Dallah by Xerjoff | Scentrique Niche Perfume Shop

Uden Overdose by Xerjoff

Uden Overdose is capturing the moment when the waves come crashing over the coastline, their blueness melting with the rocks, turning into foam, and returning to the sea. The moment when the perfume of bergamot lingers in one's memory bringing back stories of Italian cliffs, the sound of crashing waves, the hues of the sea. Finally, the contrast of coumarin and coffee notes, where earth, air and salt water mingle on the skin to leave behind the fragrance of a leap into the fresh water. Notes include Bergamot, lemon, Coffee, Ginger, Tobacco, Amber and musk.

Uden Overdose by Xerjoff | Scentrique Niche Perfume Shop

Rouge Avignon by Phaedon Paris

Rouge Avignon takes its name from Avignon, the city of popes. A gothic composition inspired by the carmine red of the papal stole. Opulent, rich and heavy it has a spicy floral opening with notes of rose, raspberry and ylang-ylang. The opening is followed by a gourmand accord of cocoa bean and black truffle resting on a gilded, luxurious base of sandalwood, vetiver, musk and amber. Warming and a touch smoky Rouge Avignon is an intoxicating ornate composition and alternative to dull caramel florals.

Rouge Avignon by Phaedon Paris | Scentrique Niche Perfume Shop

Alambar by Laboratorio Olfattivo

How about Cocoa and Amber combination? If you are curious, then you should try Alambar from Laboratorio Olfattivo. This fragrance is perfumer's tribute to an icon and its amber-scented world - amber, ambar, alambre, ambra, ambrum, ambarum, Alambar. He has chiselled precious specks together with the golden tears of a divine diva. Ambracadabra and the fragrance works its magic on the skin. With its heightened concentration of elegance wrapped in exotic arabesques, this distillation of amber excites the senses and soothes the skin. Warm notes surround the olfactory pyramid with intensity, leaving in their wake a trail of pure amber.

Alambar by Laboratorio Olfattivo |Scentrique Niche Perfume Shop

Cafe by Franck Boclet

Café is a fragrance inspired by the aroma of Colombian coffee. At the opening, the fragrance unveils sparkling notes of bergamot, mandarin orange, lemon and coffee. At the heart, coffee is combined with floral and aromatic notes of pink lily, orange blossom and rosemary, giving the fragrance freshness. Finally, coffee blends with oriental and woody notes such as sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, vetiver and oakmoss, and softens with amber and vanilla. A gourmet and elegant harmony.

Cafe by Franck Boclet | Scentrique Niche Perfume Shop

Now which chocolate or coffee fragrance would you choose? You can try all of them as part of our Chocolate & Coffee fragrances sample pack. Click here to discover more Coffee Notes Fragrances only at Scentrique Niche Perfumes.

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