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Black Bird by Untamed Parfums


A perfume ode to my Blackbird friends, Theodore and Anastasia (yes, those are the names I chose to call them). For many years, this curious and romantic crow pair has gifted me with a daily visit. In the evening, after their city adventures, they fly East to roost in the forest along with thousands of others. I imagine them in their beautiful, dark, and mystical forest where they shapeshift into human form. A fire is lit and they celebrate into the night, dancing, singing, and speaking of great mysteries.

Mythology tells me ravens and crows are tricksters, shapeshifters, and messengers of the gods. Alfred Hitchcock tells me they are murderous! In all ways, I have had a lifelong fascination with both ravens and crows. Blackbird is an expression of my love and intrigue for them.

 Black Bird opens with a blend of warm and cool spices inviting one into an intoxicating heart of sweet jammy rose, fruity davana, and bitter-sweet artemisia. Oud Anokha, smooth Mysore sandalwood, smoky resinous incense, woody notes and vanilla complete this mysterious and seductive perfume.


Top: Spicy Notes

Middle: Bulgarian Rose, Moroccan Rose, Artemisia, Davana

Base: Benzoin, Incense, Oud Anokha, Mysore Sandalwood, Vanilla, Woody Notes

Perfume Type

Extrait de parfum



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