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What About Pop by The House of Oud


"This is the time for closing your eyes, soaking in the "us" of the moment, and opening ourselves to positive sensations that recharge us. What about Pop envelops us in an embrace and delights us, let the festivities begin..." What about Pop initially unveils a crunchy Salted Popcorn which is then enveloped in delicious Caramel?

The unique and rare Lunar Flower delicately blossoms on velvety Milk Cream, which gathers and breaks onto the sensual ExaVanilla. This is the magic of an encounter, rendered sublime by a woody signature that bestows an unprecedented persistence upon the fragrance. What about Pop recounts the attractive and sensual dynamics of complicity, of experiencing emotions, of dedicating ourselves to irreplaceable moments? A deliciously tempting and soft fragrance which warms the soul, as we savor those essential days filled with nothing other than the playful time of a break, stolen from the frenzy of everyday life.


Top: Salty popcorn, Hawthorn, Caramel
Middle: Lunar flower, Milk cream, Vanilla
Base: Amber, Ebony, Vetiver, Benzoin

Perfume Type

Eau de Parfum



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