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Helioflora by Pierre Guillaume Paris


HELIOFLORA - A FRUIT & HERB SORBET - Granita, called “granité” in French, also called "granita siciliana" in Italian, is a refreshing semi-frozen dish typical of Sicily. It comes in an intermediate consistency between that of a sherbet and crushed ice. Its current manufacture involves the partial freezing of a constantly stirred mixture of water, ice and fruit or other tasty ingredient... Helioflora is a woody floral built like a “granité” of flowers, fruits, wood and herbs. A sorbet of rhubarb, apricot and basil brings a particular flavor to the floral scent of Buddleia (Butterfly Tree) and the soft woody heat of Red Sandalwood.


Rhubarb, Basil, Apricot, Buddleia, Red Sandalwood

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