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Eros Fig by Libertine Fragrance


Eros fig is a personal take on a fig scent. It is inspired by a pair of young lovers on a midsummer picnic under the shade of a fig tree. It is a perfume of contrasts, starting very airy, green, and cool, and as it wears through the day, creamy coconut, the sweetness of dried fig, and the soft sensuality of sandalwood and benzoin, a sticky sweet resin comes out. It is a full and rich scent. The warmer and more sensual elements make it great to wear all year.


It is a joyous scent, best worn on days you feel you want to indulge your desires.


Citrus, warm spices, green fig leaf, dried fig, coconut, sandalwood, benzoin, honey, ambrette

Perfume Type

Eau de Parfum



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