THoO for the fifth fragrance, chooses the Patisserie and all senses merge in a delicious and unforgettable journey. The olfactory pyramid of Keep Glazed opens us with the perfect union of ice lemon and juicy mango, enveloped by a heart of cream and coconut, crunchy thanks to a delicious ginger crumble. The composition ends with a note of fruity musk and precious woods. Keep Glazed, niche fragrance of THoO’s new olfactory collection, was born in collaboration with Ksenia Penkina, renowned Canadian Patisserie, skillfully interpreted by Andrea Casotti and synthesized by the creative genius of Cristian Calabrò.

The House of Oud Keep Glazed

  • Top: Frozen Lemon, Mango, Strawberry Leaf

    Middle: Chantilly Cream, Coconut Rapé, Ginger Crumble

    Base: Fruity musk, Precious woods

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