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Tony's Top 5 Fragrances at Scentrique

It’s quite romantic to see someone choose one singular perfume for their entire life, but as a student of perfumery, I need to increase my palate by experiencing perfumes both subjectively and objectively. The reasoning behind choosing a perfume is unknown, but that is also what makes it so exciting!

Today, I have selected my top 5 niche perfumes that are available at Scentrique.

Here they are, in no particular order:

New York Intense - Nicolai: The first time I heard about this perfume was from Luca Turin’s Perfume Guide 2018. On a rainy afternoon, I walked into a Nicolai boutique in Paris and asked to test this perfume. I brought the scent strip back home and smelled it over and over again for an entire week. This perfume consists of a beautiful chypre accord with the usage of petitgrain and black pepper to accentuate the natural smokiness you would expect from a trench coat in New York City. I like to wear this perfume in the Autumn season, when I would take a stroll in melancholy weather.

The Time - The House of Oud: In English, this actually translates to Tea Time. I thoroughly enjoyed the fruity chamomile and wormwood. This perfume smells like a cup of aromatic morning tea, and gives me the imagery of sleeping in a quiet garden caressed by the aurora. If you are interested in a citrus tea perfume, this one is for you!

Hossegor - A Lab on Fire: Imagine you woke up at 5 am, and the sky is still slightly dark. You get dressed for another day of surfing. You walk through the forest with your equipment, taking in the morning smell of the mossy woods. You arrive at the beach and capture the first marine notes in your nose. You look East towards the horizon and see the Sun welcoming you for another adventure today. Hossegor is a powerful perfume that combines the surfer with the land, sea, and sky. A true elemental perfume for the dauntless individual.

L’Étoile Noire - Olibene: I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this perfume on the shelf at Scentrique. I was brought in by the trinity of the patchouli, tobacco, and incense, yet I stayed to discover the lighter sides of the citrus and aquatic notes. Definitely a perfume I would wear for date night at a quiet French restaurant.

Un Air D’Apogée- Maison Violet: This is a bewitching perfume. Have you ever smelled the effect of tobacco, hay, and beeswax together? The dry woody character established here is an unstoppable seductive force that lays on the wearer. The supporting notes of mimosa and woody notes help lengthen the climax of the moment. Go ahead, translate the perfume name into English, you will see what I mean.

Written by Long (Tony) Ye

MSc. Scent Design & Creation - ISIPCA

BEng. Chemical Engineering - McGill University

instagram: dilutedtears

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