COMO LAKE is a brand-new fragrance collection inspired by the countless meaningful facets of the Italian lake. Created by Celso Fadelli with his talented and creative team, the brand expresses three decades of experience in the field of Art Perfumery. The collection draws inspiration from Lake Como, renowned body of water carved inside the Prealps mountains.
Lake Como is the deepest lake in Italy, with a maximum depth of 418 meters and a perimeter of 170km. With its characteristic reverse Y-shape, its beautiful and timeless landscape has inspired poets and musicians throughout history, including Alessandro Manzoni, Stendhal, George Gordon Byron, and Franz Liszt.


Each COMO LAKE fragrance was created with a story behind it, conveying profound meanings. Its modern and contemporary packaging was designed to express a sophisticated and creative touch that resonates with Art Perfumery.

Each detail of the project is connected to the lake’s unique characteristics. The blue-green shades on the glass bottle resemble the multi-coloured shades of the water, darker at the bottom to recall the depths of the lake, then increasingly clear towards the top. The linear carvings on the cap evoke ripples on the water, while Lake Como’s distinctive shape decorates the top of the cap, in gold.

2_como lake_altra_estate.jpg