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The House of Oud Perfumes & Colognes

The House of Oud Perfumes & Colognes | Scentrique Niche Perfumes

The House of Oud is a niche perfume brand that combines Italian craftsmanship with Oud's rich heritage, bridging art and perfumery. Founded by Italian perfumer Andrea Casotti and Jakarta oud expert Mohammed Abu Nashi, the brand celebrates the fusion of their diverse inspirations. Each fragrance is a unique blend of oud with other ingredients, making oud accessible and contemporary. The brand's creations reflect the traditions of Middle Eastern perfumery while appealing to a global audience.

The House of Oud is known for its unisex fragrances and artistic, hand-finished bottles, each unique and reflecting the luxury within. Their collections include the original Desert Day and Klem Garden, as well as the THoO collection, which explores themes like art, music, and nature.

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