Poetry, elegance and the greatest care with the strictest selection of the best essences...


Chabaud Maison de Parfum is a family owned French niche perfume brand from Montpellier, specialised in the production of luxury eaux de parfum, eaux de toilette, interior fragrances and candles that are able to create a universe of pure elegance. Chabaud offers different niche frangrances built from a palette of scents able to revive memories and sensations, opening the doors of a poetic world filled with happiness.


Following the traditional heritage of french perfumery and the typical creativity of Chabaud we are able to make special products and unique creations for our customers. We believe that a great perfume always has a beautiful story to tell. If a scent makes your heart beat, it shows a desire, a dream, a longing. With its evocative power the past is reinvented, dreams of the future are conceived, an ideas shared.

Chabaud’s perfumes are a journey into the past - full of memories, dreams, secrets and sensuality. They are designed by Sophie Chabaud with poetry and elegance and the greatest care with the strictest selection of the best essences.


With this vision, the family Chabaud began in 2002 in Montpellier in the south of France, to create its first perfumes. There also lies the origin of the art of perfumery itself. Centuries ago, Grasse became the perfume capital. In the 15th Century Montpellier was famous for its trade routes in essential oils that were used by perfumers as well as by the local faculty of pharmacy and medicine.


The dedication of the brand for high quality products also means that Chabaud guarantees that all its products are 100% made in France. The glassware comes from traditional glass factories in Normandy, the candles are handmade in Provence and the fragrances created in Grasse, so that each element has its proven source. On each perfume by Sophie Chabaud a key is depicted: the key to the personal world of her creations which she cordially invites you to discover.


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