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Your Cup of Tea: Best Tea Fragrances

Your Cup of Tea: Best Tea Fragrances

Black, green, white, blue...the list of tea varieties goes on and who doesn't love a good cup of tea! Cold or hot, tea is enjoyed at every season of the year, so why not enjoy it in your fragrance too.

Fun fact, "tea note" doesn't exist in nature so perfumers have to be creative to imitate this popular note using natural ingredients. For example, osmanthus and mate will give you "green tea" smell. To create black tea accords, perfumers use stronger notes to reflect the darker essence of these teas like a combination of birch tar, cade oil, resins or woods.

Here are our favourite fragrances with tea notes.

Nicolai Fig-Tea

This original interpretation of the fig chord avoids cliche by infusing the fruit of a delicately fruity tea. An airy refined fragrance sublimated by subtle jasmine. Perfect for spring and summer!

The House of Oud The Time

The Time...this fragrance is surely timeless. It's a beautiful interpretation of Iris and Tea combination. This composition is an invitation to practice introspection: the prelude is Bergamot in an accord with Camomile and the calm of Wormwood, whose warm, woody note shields and reassures. Blue Tea, Iris and Verbena are the throbs of a heart that does not mark the passing of time, but expands it to infinity, wrapping us in a dimension of care and respect. With the expressive force of Cedarwood, Musks and Amber, the base receives dark and rich notes of Black Tea.

Pierre Guillaume Paris Mad About You

Can tea fragrance be sexy? Oh, yes! Composed in 2017 for the exhibition “The Kiss”, Mad About You is a Woody Gourmand Floral fragrance and a playful take on the concept of Neo-Romanticism at the time of the social networks. After a burst of regressive gourmet chords and powdery floral notes, Mad About You develops a signature trail, fueled by the “leather-powdery” sophistication of a unique duet of violet and smoky black tea.

Phaedon Paris Cendres de Thé

Smoky tea? Yes, please! Woody and delicately spicy Cendres de Thé (Ashes of Tea) opens with an accord of smoky notes and cardamom. In the heart notes, peppery rose blends with the floral, woody facets of tea and Ho wood (cinnamonum camphora). The base is a blend of cedar and musk nuanced with myrrh resin. Sensuous but subtly and delicately flavored.

Coquillete Paris Camellia 3.2

A refreshing sea breeze with reminiscent floral and exotic scents. Intense green notes mingle with bright and soft white tea. The smell of sheets dried in the sun during a summer day. Camellia 3.2 is an olfactory watercolor of salt, sand and sun oil; a canvas of faraway islands and of large and fleshy white flowers, sublimated by a sumptuous Amber accord that evokes the warm kiss of a sunbeam.

Stories N02

Tea in an English garden? STORIES Parfums N°.02 is an invitation to walk through the garden, shed your shoes at the river and recover that which has been lost. The blend opens with Bulgarian Rose, spiced with ginger, cardamom and green tea. Honey Tobacco tones balance Cedarwood at the heart of this woody fragrance. Opoponax, Tonka Bean and Patchouli enhance the full bodied perfume while amber and musk render it unforgettable.

Amouage Epic Woman

This spicy oriental fragrance is inspired by the eternal legends of the ancient Silk Road from China to Arabia. Spicy opening of cumin, pink pepper, cinnamon blends with middles notes of damascene rose, geranium, jasmine and tea, finishing off with amber, musk, frankincense, oud, sandalwood, guaiac wood, patchouli, vanilla and orris.

Xerjoff Oud Stars Ceylon

While tea scents are often thought of as delicate and ethereal, there's no reason why that must be so- tea, after all, is a dynamic substance, equally capable of powerful richness and deeply spiced aromas. While soft tea scents are undeniably beautiful, why stop there? This is the beauty of Ceylon, a scent that dares to surround exquisite black tea from Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) with decadently luxurious oriental and gourmand notes, producing a sumptuous tea scent unlike any other.

Vilhelm Parfumerie Dear Polly (coming to Scentrique soon!)


Distance is nothing to the heart: The scent of black tea, brewed just how she likes it, and the crispiness of morning light, slowly easing away the night that still clings to the senses. Ceylon black tea immediately warms the skin while sensuous musk simmers below.

What is your favourite tea scent?

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