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Swap Smoke for Style: Embrace Tobacco Note in Fragrance

Swap Smoke for Style: Embrace Tobacco Note in Fragrance

Today is International No Tobacco Day so it's time to trade smoke for style. Instead of reaching for a cigarette, why not embrace the captivating allure of fragrances with tobacco notes? From smoky richness to hints of sweetness and spice, these tobacco-infused fragrances offer a captivating olfactory experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Embrace change this International No Tobacco Day. Say no to smoking and say yes to a more stylish and aromatic path. Explore the world of tobacco-inspired fragrances that ignite your senses and set you apart.

Tabac Rose

Tobacco from the Balkans, labdanum from Spain and patchouli from Indonesia give the perfume its density. Rose absolute from Turkey and a honey praline accord makes it smooth and powerful.

Royal Tobacco

One of knowledge and aesthetic pleasure, Opus XIV - Royal Tobacco is a fragrant journey along the Tropic of Cancer from Oman to Cuba, connecting Royal Frankincense to Regal Tobacco.

Silky Woods

Silky woods is delicate yet sensual and to enhance its oriental sillage of agarwood, suede, exotic vanilla and smokey tobacco leaves, Goldfield & Banks adds to the perfume, saffron, incense, ylang-ylang and Australian sandalwood.

Black Afgano

Black Afgano aims to evoke the best quality of Hashish. It is the result of a quest to arouse the effects of temporary bliss.


Wild, and narcissistic, it melds notes of fresh tobacco, Indian hemp and velvety wood, offering a light touch on the skin that becomes more distinctive once it has pervaded the senses. It is a truly new way of capturing sensuality in a perfume.

Animal Mondain

Stripped of all artifice, it is a gender free olfactory creation inspired by the modernist architecture of a Mallet-Stevens smoking room. The bursts of laughter of a social society happy to feast there splits the tobacco volutes that stretch gently on the leather armchairs and along the pear tree and mahogany woodwork.


Xerjoff Naxos is steeped in heritage with a contemporary twist. This classically Italian scent is a bright and brilliant breath of fresh air. Grounding base notes of tobacco leaf, tonka and vanilla beans add an earthy, woody undertone.

Tabac Rouge

Tabac Rouge is an Art Deco composition, inspired by the paintings of Tamara de Lempicka. It is a luxurious androgynous fragrance, conjuring up rising curling tendrils of incense and tobacco smoke.

Turkish tobacco absolute is warmed by ginger and cinnamon with a hint of honey. Tabac Rouge dries down to a lush base of Siam benzoin and musk.


Step into a world of timeless elegance and irresistible charm, where the air is filled with the enchanting notes of cigars, whiskey, and leather. Introducing Coze, a fragrance that encapsulates the very essence of a jazz club ambiance.

Wishing you a scent-filled and smoke-free International No Tobacco Day!

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