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Spray Some Love This Valentine's Day

Spray Some Love This Valentine's Day

Spray Some Love This Valentine's Day | Scentrique Niche Perfumes

Valentine's Day is just around the corner so it's time to treat yourself or your special someone to a new exciting fragrance. Whether this is your first Valentine's Day together or one of many, fragrance can bring something new to the relationship. Scent is a powerful tool. It can evoke emotions, create a mood or remind of a moment in the past. Body fragrance is not the only available instrument when it comes to the scent. Don't forget about scented candles, diffusers or body care. Whatever you are shopping for this Valentine's Day, we've got you covered.

Best Sensual Valentine's Day Fragrances

Room Service

Picture this: Greta Garbo at Carlyle – a superstar who chose herself above Hollywood’s siren song. Alone in her hotel room, attired in a drift of satin and poignant allure, waiting for her ultimate luxury: a bath of flower petals, the warm water releasing this collision of citrus and red fruits, bamboo, violet, black amber and sandalwood. What can be sexier?

Do Not Disturb

Deep in the basement of Studio 54, a place with no boundaries and a Do Not Disturb sign on the door – some say it was never taken off ! Rumor has it that Freddy Mercury, David Bowie, Halston, and Grace Jones were spotted here. The only certainty: those who dared to enter say stepping into the world of Alice in Wonderland while high! Should we say any more? ;-)

Rouge Avignon

Opulent, rich and heavy.. Spicy floral opening with notes of rose, raspberry and ylang-ylang. The opening is followed by a gourmand accord of cocoa bean and black truffle resting on a gilded, luxurious base of sandalwood, vetiver, musk and amber. Warning: Rouge Avignon can be intoxicating!

Kiss Me Intense

Sweet kiss of bitter almonds and powdery anise with a touch of heliotrope that will linger on your skin reminding you of the sunny days. It's so yummy, you could eat it!

Mad About You

After a burst of regressive gourmet chords and powdery floral notes, Mad About You develops a signature trail, fueled by the “leather-powdery” sophistication of a unique duet of violet and smoky black tea. A smoky kiss you won't forget!

02 Coze

Intimate and cozy atmosphere, dim light, smell of Cuban cigars, whiskey and wood...Meet Coze, its heart is vibrant with spices and precious wood: pepper, pimento and coffee fuse and flame to announce the sensuality of ebony, the rich, bewitching sweetness of chocolate and the infusion of Bourbon vanilla pods.

Smoke Show

Vibrant spotlights, smoky rooms, the brassy notes of a saxophone: an evocative cocktail brings alive the energetic soul of a musical genre that broke boundaries and hearts. Leather and rose take center stage with bass notes of agarwood, vetiver and saffron.

Cuir Cuba Intense

This interpretation of the scent of the dry tobacco leaf evokes the heart of a cigar box. Before leaving its warm and intense trace, it surprises us with a fresh liquorice start and the delicacy of magnolia petals. Sensual unisex fragrance that can be shared ;-)


Pink pepper, ginger, saffron and patchouli : inspired by the Burning Man festival, Bataille is a battle between fire and water unfolding on your skin, who's going to win? Another great his and hers gift..


Hypnotic, sensual, sexual, erotic, nerotic...Nerotic. Nerotic is a charming and addictive perfume: it drags you into a very emotional journey. The idea was to create a scent which stuns the senses thanks to a composition both elegant and intriguing.

Best Candles To Create A Romantic Mood

Vesperale Scented Candle

She dresses the house with a veil of orange blossom, violet wood and delicate notes of leather. Warm and refined, it brings the final touch to precious evenings with a special someone...

The Rouge Scented Candle

Cozy and comforting, this woody, fruity and lightly smoked scented candle will create an intimate mood for a romantic date at home.

Ambre Précieux Scented Candle

Sensual sandalwood, smoky birch and amber on a vanilla and musky facet. A cozy evening by the fireplace..

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