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Chocolate Earth by Untamed Parfums


Inspired by the earthiness of a West Coast forest floor, Chocolate Earth was forged out of my childhood memories. In my youth the forest felt sacred to me, and I would often feel it beckoning me into its mystery. When I had the opportunity I would happily wander to the forest, delighted to enter into the realm of whimsy and imagination. The forest was enchanted, dangerous and full of wonderment - a realm where anything was possible. Trees could talk, fairies fluttered about and gnomes were playful and mischievous. Playing among ferns and fungi the mossy forest floor would become my patisserie. By magic my mud pies transformed into chocolate cake that I would gift to my childhood beloveds. This perfume is what I imagined those cakes “baking” in the forest smelled like.

Chocolate Earth - A delightful fresh herbal opening then reveals the unique note of earthy mushroom. Delicious salted bitter sweet chocolate surprises at how it so beautifully marries with mushroom. Sweet herbaceous tagetes, along with a mysterious dark aged patchouli, and the comforting notes of fresh earth, oak moss, cedar moss, maple sugar, smooth woods and balsams complete this most wonderfully strange and curious fragrance.


Top: Fennel, Pine, Tarragon

Middle: Cedarmoss, Elemi, Mushroom, Tagetes (Marigold)

Base: Salted Chocolate, Fresh Earth, Fir Balsam, Maple Sugar, Oak Moss, Patchouli and  Woods.

Perfume Type

Extrait de parfum



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