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I just received my order of samples and am so impressed. I’m building up my collection of niche fragrances and in the process have ordered samples from a few US companies before deciding to purchase. I didn’t realize I had a storefront in my city that could provide me something similar and at a cheaper cost. The product that was delivered to me was contained in receptacles with actual atomizers, they were better than the samples I’ve ordered elsewhere both in size and how the scent could be applied. The presentation was also far superior - the samples were contained in a thick plastic envelope packed with purple protective fill, smart and pretty. Also included was a personalized thank you note. Can’t wait to try these out and to eventually head down to the brick and mortar for a full size. Thanks so much!

Scentrique is a great shop, customer service is top notch with lots of personal attention and fast shipping. I’ve ordered several times already, from both the US and Canada, and always been 100% satisfied. Particularly happy to have found a distributor of Coquillete Paris, which can be hard to find in North America.  I will definitely be ordering again from them in the future as a reliable online shop!

- Tara C.


I only ordered four samples initially. But despite it being a small order, they still took the time to write a handwritten note. Lovely touch. The sample sizes were also generous. Because of everything above I went ahead and bought a full size bottle (Dear Polly by Vilhelm). I’ll be shopping here again in the future.

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