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Soft Woods by Libertine Fragrance


Soft Woods is an ode to the forests that I love dearly. The feeling of freedom as your spirit is cleansed deep in the woods. Deep conifer notes, a soft easy-wearing rose to bring lightness to the scent, bright and crisp pepper and juniper, and a warm base of incense and soft vanilla. Soft Woods is a bright daytime stroll through the woods.
A light breeze carrying the scent of the undergrowth, sunshine gently warming needles. The woods are vast but we have a map and a sense of adventure. 


Soft Woods is a terpenic, bright conifer scent. It is peppery and alive. Many conifer scents focus on the deep, misty spooky woods. Soft Woods is not this. It is cedar trees baked in sunlight. Green, floral undergrowth lightens the mood and makes it very wearable. As Soft Woods wears into the base notes it grows warmer and softer, like a cozy fire after a day of hiking.


Pepper, juniper, cedar, balsam fir, rose, frankincense, vanilla.

Perfume Type

Eau de Parfum



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