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Sex & Jasmine by Libertine Fragrance



This scent was inspired simply by the dual personality of jasmine blossoms. They are at once both incredibly sexy, enticing and narcotic as they are dirty, florid and animal. Indoles, materials that can smell like decay are found in high quantities in Jasmine flowers (and most narcotic white florals). This dual nature also inspired the other connection and the second half of the name. Our passions are both powerful, enticing and erotic but also very animal. They are beautiful but bodily.


The most floral in the line, Sex & Jasmine opens with a sweet & soft white floral note. It is slightly green and the sweetness is accentuated by the vanilla note. As it dries down the creaminess of the sandalwood comes through creating a soft silky base for the scent. The ambergris pokes in and out but is never overwhelming.


Jasmine sambac, geranium, neroli, vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, ambergris.

Perfume Type

Eau de Parfum



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