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Fin De Siecle by Libertine Fragrance



End of the century, end of an era The fin de siecle period encapsulated the 1880’s & 90’s artistic scenes throughout Europe. Technology reshaped the cities, and the changes reshaped the minds of those that lived there. Parties, nightlife, superfluous excess. Beauty, symbolism, degradation. Fin de Siecle is technological change and vintage excess


Fin de Siecle is built upon a traditional chypre (sheep-ra) base. Labdanum, Patchouli, Oakmoss contrasted against tart bergamot. Upon that base is a spicy rose heart and a touch of civet for a dirty, regal glow. Civet when paired with florals like rose help to boost the depth and richness of the floral notes, transforming them from pretty and light to rich and deep.


Bergamot, bitter orange, Egyptian rose, black currant, woody notes, mossy notes, civet.

Perfume Type

Eau de Parfum



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