Nothing is impossible. The unexpected can happen. An infusion of persistent notes, an invitation to explore all the senses. The research stimulates the desire and the exclusive scents of the Concreta di Iris, enriched by the notes of the succulent Apricot with the inviting Goji Berries. The accords of Sandal, of Myrrh of Sinai, of Cosmone, of Vanilla and of Incense of Yemen, seal the essence. Wonderly does not simulate desire, it ignites it with all its strength.

The House of Oud Wonderly

  • Top: Goji berry, Apricot

    Middle: African neroli, Almond flower, Sambac jasmine

    Base: Virginia cedarwood, concrete Italian Iris, Mysore sandalwood, Myrrh from Sinai, Cosmone, Madagascar vanilla, Yemeni incense

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